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 What is ImmunoEngineering?

ImmunoEngineering is to apply engineering tools and principles to quantitatively study the immune system in health and disease and to develop therapies by precisely controlling and modulating body’s immune response.

Vision for CIE@USC

The Center for ImmunoEngineering (CIE) at USC is a research center homed at USC Viterbi School of Engineering with its vision to unlock the full potential of immunoengineering by integrating engineering principles into immunology and immunotherapy research.


Mission for CIE@USC

The mission for CIE@USC is to develop engineering tools, technology and methods to empower immunoengineering research leading to transformative advances in cancer therapies, and to break barriers so engineers, immunologists and other potential partners who could collaborate and innovate.

Overarching Goals

1) Accelerate technolgoical and therapeutic advances through key immunoengineering research project;

2) Develop impactful technology platforms and tools to empower bioengineers and immunologists to perform discovery research on immunotherapy and related fields;

3) Disseminate key immunoengineering principles by offering courses, seminars and degree programs